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Frequently Asked Questions

About CameraSky

+ Are you an Australian company?

+ Are you a parallel importer?

+ Can I pick up or buy from your Australian address?

+ Why am I being asked for ID? I am concerned about my privacy.

+ How long is my order processed?

+ Are items sealed?

+ Why do you need my bank details again for a refund? Don’t you already have them?

+ How long will my refund take?

International, CN and Global Versions

+ So what does “international version” mean?

+ So what does “global” or “CN” version mean?

+ Is the “international version” the same as the local version?

+ Does this mean I still get a warranty?

+ Do I get an Australian charger with my item?

+ My new phone has different apps than the local version.

+ My device is in a different language.

+ The manual is in a different language.

+ What is a “white box” item?

+ What is a Grade A Refurbished item?

Further Queries or Concerns

At CameraSky we are always looking to better our service and support. Should you have any concerns, complaints or feedback for us please don’t hesitate to contact us through our customer service team.
We take all complaints and feedback seriously and strive to assist all of our customers in finding a amicable resolution.

+ I want to call your customer service number, is your team in Australia?

+ Media Enquiries

+ Network bands in your country.

Shipping Questions

+ Where do you ship from?

+ How long does it take for my item to arrive?