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Import tax, customs & duties regulation vary from country to country. As a responsible shopper, it is important that you check your own country's regulations for international purchases before finalizing any transactions. Below are some basic information that may help you in getting your international orders cleared accordingly. Do note that these guidelines may not apply to your location so it is best to confirm them with your local customs agency.

By definition, imported goods are those that you purchase, order, have delivered, brought or sent to your country from overseas. These goods may arrive via air and sea cargo, a well as international mail or post. When purchasing goods from the Internet, your customs agency may check and verify the contents of your package. This is a standard operating procedure and is done regardless of the following conditions:

  • whether the goods were purchased for someone other than yourself

  • whether the goods were intended for personal or business usage

  • where the goods were sent as gifts or purchased by yourself or by someone else

  • whether you purchased the goods with the intent of reselling them 

Items bought from the Internet are required to be cleared by your country's Custom and Border protection agency.  Please bear in mind that the value of the imported goods and the method by which they arrive are key factors in determining how clearance procedures are done as well as which duty, taxes, and fees will apply before you can claim them. Please be aware that in instances when you buy goods online from an Australian company, should the items be supplied directly to you from their overseas counterpart, duty and taxes will still apply.

Import Duty & Sales Tax

Most countries have two types of fees applicable for imported goods - Sales Tax (VAT, GST) and custom duty. These amounts are usually a small percentage of your invoice value. They are calculated based on the declared value (in some countries, shipment value can be used as the basis). Please note that there some categories of imported goods that are exempted from taxes. To check whether your country applies such exemptions, please contact your Customs and Border Protection agency.

All Prices included GST and Duty. And our shipments are DDP (Destination Duty Prepaid).

For delivery outside Australia please check your local customs regulations or reference from here: http://www.dutycalculator.com/

Declare Value

Importing bulk quantities of goods entail stricter clearance policies. This is compared to importing small quantities of goods. The “bulk quantity” and “small quantity” terminologies are differentiated by the value threshold which varies from one country to another.

Declaration of Contents

The category of the goods that you declare will determine the amount and the need for you to pay import duty or sales tax.

The declared content of the parcel must be accurate and true for custom clearance purposes. Any requests for customized declaration from our company is done at your own risk. Thus, should 

your country's customs and border protection agency decide to hold your parcel due to false declarations, all responsibilities will fall unto you and you alone.

Payment of import duty and taxes:

For orders shipped via DHL, FedEx or UPS, duty and taxes are paid by the couriers on your behalf. They in turn, will then issue you an invoice which you can pay by cash or credit card. 

For bulk orders, i.e more than 2 boxes, please consider hiring a professional licensed custom broker to assist you with the custom clearance processing.

For more information about Australia Customs guidelines, please check: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page5549.asp

Additional Information for International shipments:

In many countries, properly declared shipments are subject to custom charges and tax. Registered Mail takes longer but usually avoids additional fees. We are happy to send via FedEx but please keep in mind that we have no control over extra charges occurring in your country. The buyer is responsible for any customs, tax and duties in their country. Returns because of such charges cannot be accepted.