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14 Day Return Policy

Read our Return and Exchange policy below for everything you need to know about returning or exchanging your CameraSky product. Please note that the Return and Exchange policy - and any reference to “your item” - does not include accessories.All returns and exchanges are performed at the sole discretion of CameraSky and its nominated representatives. The decision on individual cases is at the discretion of CameraSky and its nominated representatives and is final.Products returned to CameraSky without an RMA code will be refused delivery by CameraSky’s representatives and the sender will be responsible for all return postage.

Return or Exchange Prior to Shipping

A full refund is available at any time prior to shipping and prior to the time when we have processed your order and invoice has been issued. This includes pre ordered items. It may also be possible to exchange your item provided that item has not been shipped yet from our warehouse. Please use our contact us information to send an email. If the item has already been shipped at the time that your request is processed by our representatives, the case will be treated as an ‘unopened box’ return. Please see below the terms and conditions covering  this return type.

Return or Exchange for DOA (Dead on Arrival) Items

Your item may be eligible for DOA exchange if it develops a software or hardware malfunction that causes the product  to become inoperable and is covered under the warranty terms and conditions. Please note that instances of physical damage, liquid ingress damage and other causes excluded from the warranty terms and conditions not covered by this return or exchange policy. DOA exchange is only available within 48 hours of receipt of the product.In order to make a DOA exchange claim you are required to log an issue report through the contact form within the 48 hour period. Failure to complete and submit this form within the 48 hour period will result in your product being processed through the regular warranty process. You can return the product to CameraSky once a valid RMA code has been issued. One of our technicians will assess the product, after which a replacement be sent of the item will be returned to you if no fault was found or the issue was corrected upon inspection.

Return or Exchange within 14 Days - Unopened Box

You may exchange your item for refund, minus the shipping charges, for up to fourteen days from receiving your item.Any variation where the received item varies from the described specifications on the website must be raised with CameraSky within 48 hours of receipt. Failure to do so will void any return or refund claim on that basis.You are required to obtain an RMA code from the CameraSky Care Team before returning the item. Refunds will not be processed until the item has been received and inspected by a CameraSky representative. The item must be received within 14 days of CameraSky or its representatives issuing the RMA code to you. The item will not qualify for an unopened box exchange or refund if the seal plastic has been broken or tampered with in any way. A processing fee of 30% of product ordered value will be deducted from the refund or exchange credit offered by CameraSky.